About Us

Pulp Added is a select, independent video production and film company created and operated by shooter and editor Charles House II. The company focuses on the shooting and editing of event videos, promotional and commercial pieces, other advertisements, and short and feature films. While the productions generally consist of House's video and editing work, we frequently incorporate the work of other artists when needed, including secondary videographers and DPs, assistant directors, graphic designers, photographers, and other artists that might be needed for a given project.

Charles House II

I am videographer, editor, and independent filmmaker. I received my degree in digital video and film from Shepherd University, and have worked on a number of feature films and shorts, from operating camera to assistant directing and other production roles. I have also shot, directed, and edited a number of my own short films, as well as a narrative feature film and feature-length documentary. I keep very active in video and film, and try my best to always be working on something creative and professional.

You can view my resume here, and my reel is in the videos section.

To the point, I am professional, prompt, personable, and practically creative.

I frequently do freelance commercials with several companies, turning in a few edited pieces a week, so I'm no stranger to commercial shooting and editing, and working on a small timeline. I also do a large number of live events, including weddings, other ceremonies, corporate events, and more.

I work frequently in DC and nearby as a videographer and editor, working as a single-person crew. With this in mind, I do not have any issue with traveling for a shoot.

You can check out my camera and other gear in my resume. I shoot 1920, 1080, and 720 HD, and I own both small lav mics and a high-end boom. I can bring an assistant if needed, and work with a number of other professionals from graphic designers to second shooters, models and talent, and visual effects editors. I feel very strongly that I would be capable of providing any talent one might need to produce nearly any film or video project.